It all starts in a small mining town

Near the mountain the dwarves call Rithmar and the other races call Bell Mountain, there have been strange goings on over the past few years.

The mountain had been given its name for the way that it resembled a large bell, nearly perfectly circular and shear cliffs on all sides.

The biggest event that had happened in the 20 or so years the dwarves have been mining the mountain was the day they discovered Themal Torvo, a dwarf that had been sealed away in the mountain in a small hollowed out area of the mountain. Within this prison, as Themal called it, there was also a succubus held fast to the floor with an axe. Themal claimed that to remove the axe would cause the succubus to come back to life in a few hours. His torment was to either stay forever locked in the mountain or give into his lust and be forever given to the demon lord, Pa’thel.

Priests of the Sun Source were called in, and with Themal removing the axe they exorcised the succubus back to the infernal planes, certain that she would not be able to come back. The priests pitied Themal and asked how long he had been made to endure to not giving into his base desires, and to which Themal had stated that given the current year, nearly a century.

In the town of Dogosrith (literal dwarf translation: “beside bell”), Themal was celebrated as a hero, and had been allowed to stay as long as he needed to get back on his feet after his 100 years of imprisonment.

In the past 6 months, the locals have started to hear things. Some still claim that they cannot hear it, but either the whole town being on edge affects them or they are saying that to keep shreds of sanity.

In the past few weeks, miners have been going missing, and the town refuses to send the workers into the mines, until the strange sounds and disappearances have been investigated satisfactorily. Enter our unlikely band of heroes…

Ixrul, The Forgotten One